Breeding Crimson-fronted Barbets, 01. – 03.05.2020

The lockdown that is imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic changed my daily life completely, and it was frustrating to think that the last weeks of my time in Sri Lanka - we will move to Europe in the summer - was spent at home rather than with my friends or exploring parts of the … Continue reading Breeding Crimson-fronted Barbets, 01. – 03.05.2020

Lockdown Birding, 04.-05.2020

After my school was closed in mid-March, the next shock for my classmates, my family and I came when Colombo district was put under lockdown to halt the spread of COVID-19. Initially, the curfews were lifted every two to three days to allow people to buy groceries, but it quickly became clear that this approach … Continue reading Lockdown Birding, 04.-05.2020

Bundala National Park, 28.12.2019

Over my roughly four-week winter vacation, my brother came from Germany to visit us with his family. We spent most of the two weeks we had together at the beach in Dickwella, which was thoroughly enjoyable. The beach itself is very scenic, and much less busy than more popular places like Mirissa, while our accommodation, … Continue reading Bundala National Park, 28.12.2019